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East: just a direction, Gabrielle Kennedy, Damn Magazine, Issue 74, 10.2019

Oded Ben Yehuda’s New Middle East, Yuval Saar, Portfolio magazine (interview) 21.06.19

Jerusalem: le design, une réponse aux problèmes du Moyen-Orient? IDEAT magazine, 18.06.19

Objective map, there is no such thing, Naama Riba, Haaretz Newspaper, 18.06.19

Whose east is this? Mandatory events at Jerusalem Design Week 2019, Legit magazine, 10.06.19

East – Jerusalem Design Week Erev-Rav magazine, 06.06.19

My Heart in the East: Everything You Can See and Experience Jerusalem Design Week, xnet magazine, 03.06.19


35 designers, 35 flags, 70 years, Yuval Saar, Portfolio magazine, 17.06.18

Vision of the End of Mandate: The Society that determined the design style of Jerusalem, Anat Cygielman, Xnet, 13.06.18

How would the Jerusalem stone look like in a hundred years?, Naama Riba, Galeria, Haatez, 10.06.18

“Flag” – an exhibition of alternative flags for the State of Israel, Avraham Kornfeld, Ototot magazine, 30.05.18 

Designing a country, interview, Channel 1

The most exciting design events of 2018, selected by leading designers, scholars, and experts, Anne Quito, Quartz magazine, 24.01.18

Israeli designers really dislike their nation’s 70th independence anniversary logo, Anne Quito, Quartz magazine, 18.01.18


Lego, A fantasy for everyone who played once, Kessler Dana, 04.05.17

The power of the written word, Branding countries blog, 23.04.17 

Ombre is the bew Black, Tami Wolman, Calcalist magazine, 29.01.17 


Oded Ben Yehuda speaks about the Ooops exhibition, Avraham Kornfeld, Ototot magazine, 20.03.15 

Sorry, we found a problem, Sigal Namir, Design Zoom magazine, 02.03.15 


Please, stop buying design book, HIJECK Magazine

The Interview with Oded Ben Yehuda, Avraham Kornfeld, Ototot magazine, 14.06.13 


Tarimu (Picking up) – Israeli club culture: Retrospective 1990-2012, book