Changing the reality is no longer the exclusive territory of politicians, lobbyists, private humanitarian organisations or individual activist artists and designers. These days, more than ever, the citizens of the world have the power to change and influence their personal and communal destiny. In January 2011, in an unprecedented act, Time Magazine awarded the “The Protester” with the coveted title of “Person of the Year”. This award described a current generation of restless and concerned people, who believe in their right not to be borne by institutional political movements. As the number of enrapture demonstrations grow every year, civilian resistances and revolutionary social movements have become an integral part of our global daily life. Although public protests have been a part of world conduct since the dawn of history, from the French revolution, to the Vietnam war, something has changed in the last decade. The world today is a more fragile and conscience place.

In this lecture, I will try to connect social protests with perceptions in the branding world, and how – like commercial brands – the protest entrepreneurs have learned to sweep the masses, and the individual has learned to represent himself through the protests he participates in, just as he needs brands.